Big news last week in the ActivePure world, with the announcement that Dr. Deborah Birx has come onboard as Chief Medical and Scientific Advisor for the Dallas, Texas-based manufacturer.  Full details can be found in the link above and also here but I wanted to discuss what I think is so important and relevant about this hiring from the perspective of potential Workplace Elemental Technologies and ActivePure customers — the people that I’m speaking with on a weekly basis.

One of the things that drew me to ActivePure in the first place was that this technology was highly relevant before the outbreak of Covid-19.  Unlike many air filtration technologies I’ve seen trying to “repackage” themselves or even launch amidst the pandemic, ActivePure is a wonderfully unique air and surface disinfection/purification technology and has always focused on the science and data.  Through that discipline they now have multiple threads of validation:  FDA designation as a Class II medical device for the Aerus Medical Guardian product;  tests completed in partnership with a Biosafety Level 4 and Biosafety Level 3 combination lab team, following strict FDA protocols showing ActivePure with a proven kill rate of over 99.9% of Airborne SARS-COV-2 within 3 minutes; Aerus Hydroxyl Blaster with ActivePure Technology shown to be the only air purifier scientifically proven to reduce the SARS-CoV-2 novel coronavirus on Surfaces.

The hiring of Dr. Birx immediately changes the conversation around ActivePure, referring to both the technology and the company.
Someone with her breadth of experience, professional reputation for excellence and candidly — such a wide range of opportunities available to her at this juncture of her career — makes an enormous statement by choosing to champion ActivePure and help to get business and the country back to work safely. Both from a media/publicity standpoint, but also in terms of product visibility and credibility, Dr. Birx moves the conversation from “is it too good to be true?” (NO!) to “if she is affiliated with that company, this is something that merits our consideration.”  The very definition of game changer.

As a sales and marketing professional that has spent the larger part of his career championing innovative and sustainable technologies, it is sort of like the proverbial “Perfect Storm” when you can bring together an amazing technology based in science, couple it with a powerful need in the marketplace and then literally drop in the best cleanup hitter in the industry.  Now if only I could get the #RedSox to make this kind of impactful free agent signing…File this one under Spring Dreams!

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