Breathe Easy. See Clearly.

Every light fixture is now an air purifier.


Antiviral & antibiosis reduction rate
4-log reduction of all particulates and airborne pathogens, as small as 0.1 microns
Nonstop air purification

Sleek, unobtrusive and silent, the one-of-a-kind air purifying LED light panel

  • Purifies up to 400 sq. ft. per Purilux Vent.
  • Built in HEPA and carbon filters team up with a medical grade centrifugal fan.
  • Internal sanitizing UVC chamber coated with nanometer silver and titanium dioxide brings a 99.99% pathogen kill rate including COVID-19.

  • Highly efficient 2×2 LED fixture equipped with an elaborate FDA approved filtration process. Bacterial and viral pathogens are eliminated before the air is recirculated into your space

How does the Purilux work?

What can PuriLux do for you

  • Improves purified air circulation

  • Enhances air safety

  • Integrates high-quality filtration and air purification

  • Intelligent controls options available

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