The Most Advanced IAQ Solution

Knowing what is in the air we are breathing is extremely important. The Flair Air Safety Monitor is solution that combines the best sensors and software platform to provide key air quality metrics that have health and wellness implications for you and your facility.

Flair’s proprietary sensor design provides high precision monitoring. The sensors can easily be replaced and updated at the end of their life cycle ensuring that you always receive the best monitoring technology.

Important Air Safety Metrics that Every Facility Needs to Consider

Particulate Counts (PC) and Particulate Matter (PM)

PC and PM 0.1-2.5: Particulates that range from 0.1 – 2.5 microns include dangerous viruses like COVID, SARS, Pertussis, Influenza, TB, Monkeypox, and other pathogenic microbes.

PC and PM2.6-10: Airborne particles in the 2.6 – 10 microns range include mold, bacteria, soot, pollen, dust, and dander, environmental irritants that directly affect asthma and respiratory health.

Air Quality Index (AQI)

AQI is the EPA’s standard for reporting air quality. This index evaluates all the major pollutants, pathogens and risks in the air that directly impact health.

Enterprise Scale Solution

Cover all areas, ranging from individual conference rooms to large open spaces, up to 5,000 square feet at a time. Each device can synchronize and pair with the other to give meaningful aggregated values for larger spaces and buildings.


Total Volatile Organic Compounds are chemicals, emissions, and fumes in the air that act as carriers for small particulates, including viruses and pathogens.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Carbon dioxide, or CO2, is a colorless, odorless gas, and an important IAQ safety metric. High CO2 levels can indicate overcrowding in a space and impact respiratory health.

Atmospheric Pressure

The Flair has the option to monitor air pressure in or er to trach sta0ility an accuracy for instruments an create safe consistent environments.

Relative Humidity and Temperature

Measure for ambient and safe levels of temperature and humidity, key IAQ factors that affect germs, mold, bacteria and TVOCs in the air, and contribute to comfort levels.


Get a real-time analysis of the ozone concentration in the air, the presence of which can cause harm to the respiratory tract and damage lung tissue.

Mold Index

The Flair uses a proprietary algorithm to monitor the air for mold risk factors, alerting you to key safety information to prevent mold damage in your building.

Make decisions on your facility operations based on hard data.

An advanced integrated dashboard collects data from all your Flair devices and alerts you to changing air conditions in your facility in real-time.

This information empowers you to make sound decisions on openings, remediation efforts and foot traffic based on air quality data available to you 24/7.

Transparency That Inspires Confidence.

Public dashboards provide real-time information on your office’s air quality. Accessible through public monitors or through QR codes, and have a real-time view of the air quality in your facility.

Flair’s real-time public dashboard inspires confidence in the cleanliness and safety of the air inside your facility.

Smart Building Automation Ready​

ThinkLite’s Flair IAQ Monitor has an open API architecture, making it easy to integrate into most BMS systems.

Our BMS Integrations also provide the ability to use the TL Flair as a smart thermostat, allowing for manual input of the desired temperature that is sent directly to the BMS system.

Indoor air quality is an essential factor in the safety of your facility, so having communication between the Flair IAQ monitor and your HVAC controls can help reassure clean, safe air for the areas that need it most.

Easy to Install, Easy to Run.

Start monitoring your air today. ThinkLite’s Air Monitor Team is available to assist you in installing your Flair Monitors and with any troubleshooting concerns.

Receive regular reports and action recommendations from your Monitor Team based on data trends from a particular period.

Backed with ThinkLite Air’s comprehensive warranty, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we’ve got your back.

Product’s Hardware and Software Details

Hardware Features

  • Wi-Fi Connection

  • Ethernet Port

  • Customizable Sensor Modules

  • Cloud Communication
  • 8GB Memory
  • 7″ Color Touch Display
  • Micro SD Card/Second Storage

Software Features

  • Receive Notifications

  • Download Stored Data
  • Customizable Sensor Modules

  • Identify Sources of Pollution

  • SSL/TLS Encryption

  • View Real-time Data and Trends

  • List Monitor and Manage Multiple Devices

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